Q: How do I find out about prices?

A:Please fill in my contact form which sends an email directly to me. I will get back to you with my price list, if it is for your wedding please state your wedding date and where you are getting married etc and the year. I get a lot of bookings in advance, sometimes by the year so please do be as specific as you can. Thank you.


Q: What is Airbrushing?

A: Airbrushing is a foundation which was designed when the new High Definition cameras came out, it is normally used for television and media work because you cant see the foundation obviously and it has a flawless appearance.  This technique involves applying your makeup via an airbrush to give a flawless and weightless finish.  Airbase is a silicone based airbrush foundation, perfect for a flawless bridal makeover that lasts all day. Airbase gives a natural finish, still offering complete coverage, whilst allowing your skin to breathe. It’s packed full of vitamins A and E to nourish your skin, suitable for sensitive skin and can be mixed to the perfect colour match.  If you have problem skin or acne Airbrushing is usually the best option.


Q: How many people can you do make up or hair for?

A: A second stylist may be required from my team if the booking is for a large bridal party (i.e six bridemaids +) and it also depends on the time your bridal party needs to be ready for and if you are booking for both hair and make up. For weddings 2pm onwards I normally can do them on my own if there's fewer than 5 people.


Q: How Long Will my Hair & Makeup Take?

A: Hair & Makeup takes roughly 90 mins per person, or 45 minutes per person per service, this sometimes varies according to the complexity of the chosen look.


Q: How long does a trial take?

A: Trials for make up are normally between 1.5-3 hours depending on how we get on and how experimental you want to get. I never put a time limit on them and each individual trial is different depending on the person and what style that they are looking for and I always leave room for options and to try different things.

For Hair and make up trials are normally 2 -3.5 hours.


Q: How long do you need for my hair and make up on the day? and how long for bridesmaids, mother of bride?

A:For the Bride I like depending on the chosen style of hair/make up 1-2 hours. I will go through the running order and time alloted with you.

For additional people like bridesmaids I recommend we leave 30 minutes for make up and 45 minutes for hair. Some simple updo's will take less time and I will assess what time is needed when creating your morning schedule. I leave extra time before and after to allow for any mishaps and to ensure no one is stressed.


Q:Should Bridesmaids/ Mother of Bride have a trial too?

A:Trials for bridesmaids are not compulsory at all but some people like to have one. I ask that if this is the case then the bridesmaids trial is done at the same time as the brides and I will send you through the cost for this.


Q: How do I secure my booking with you?

A: I ask for a £50 deposit to secure your wedding date in my diary. This is stated as non-refundable in my terms and conditions. You can wait until after your trial to secure the date but your booking isnt secured until I recieve a deposit. Please be aware that I do get booked up in advance (up until 18 months prior) so to avoid any dissapointment please secure your date asap.


Q:Should I wear make up for the trial?

A: I ask that you do wear your normal make up so that I can get an understanding of what style you are used to, this can tell me a lot about what is important to you. I haven't met you before so Its important I see what you normally wear. I also recommend you wear a top that is pale cream/white or just pale because this helps you feel more bridal and to imagine your hair and make up with your dress more easily.


Q: I am thinking of having a spray tan for the wedding. Should I trial this at the same time as the trial with you?

A: Yes thats a great idea but don't worry too much as I will always match your skin colour on the day. It can help though to have the tan done so the lip colour and blusher etc contrast appropriately with your tan colour.


Q: Do you take bookings for make up or hair only?

A: You can book hair alongside make up for the bride or hair only for bridesmaids/mother of the bride. Howevr I don't take bookings for hair only.


Q: My bridesmaid wants to do her own make up but can you help her apply her false eyelashes please?

A: I'm really sorry but as a policy I will not apply false lashes if the person isn't having her make up done by me. This may seem mean but False lashes are a fiddly thing and take time away from the work that I have to do and I don't have the time to do this without notice. It isnt fair to the people paying for their make up as it takes time away from them and its not fair to me either as I have a lot to do and often pnce i'm even done with the main looks I need to focus on touch ups for the bride and people who have had their make up done by me. This is a STRICT Policy so please do make your bridal party aware of this. If I am told in advance then I will accept doing it and be prepared time wise to apply the lashes as a service and there will be a charge for this.  


Q: Can you do Vintage Styles?

A: Yes I can and I do book a lot of vintage style weddings in Brighton.


Q:What brands do you use?

A: MAC, YSL, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury,Make Up Forever, Chanel, Urban Decay, Clarins, Airbrushing

Airbase Cosmetics. I do have a selection of VEGAN Make Up if you are VEGAN and would prefer these products.


A: Do you recommend permanent false lashes?

Q: I have done a lot of weddings where the bride has had these done and they can look really goregous, full and natural and they obviously last for a couple of weeks so brides often want them for on honeymoon. If you dont want the semi permanent ones I offer false individual lashes or a natural strip lash that will last for the day only.


Q: When should I wash my hair?

A: For a style that is up I recommend you wash it a day before. This helps the style to stay in for longer and take a better hold of the hairstyle. If you are having it down and curly or half up half dowm then its ok to wash it the night before or even on the day.


Q: I am getting married abroad do you offer any tutorials that could give me some help doing my own make up for my wedding?

A: Yes I have helped many brides do their own make up for their weddings, especially for brides getting married abroad where its difficult to get a make up artist or to have a trial. I have a bridal tutorial that is 3 hours long where you will learn the following things:

1- what make up look is achievable for you to do yourself

2- what products are best to create your desired look

3- where to place them and how to apply them for the most professional finish (brush techniques, blending etc)

4- how to make the make up last all day

5- what to buy- (shopping list)

You will leave with a detailed face chart, lots of photos and a video to practice with.


Q: Do you do other types of make up or only bridal?

A: I am a full time freelance MUA and my focus is on bridal work. I also have an agent and currently get occasional work in magazines offered to me. Whilst I am busy I do accept special occasion work, tutorials and individual projects so do get in touch with me to enquire!


Q: Do you personally do each wedding?

A: Yes unless I am booked on another job or unavailable when you enquire. I will give you the option of booking another member of my team if I am not available.


Q: If I book with a member of your team is it the same price?

A: Yes my team members are all expertly qualified and just as good as me at what they do and I highly recommend them.


Q: What do you recommend that I do in beauty preparation for the wedding?

A: Drink lots of water, don't use any new products close to the wedding day itself in case you react, get any waxing or eyebrows shaped at least one week before in case you get a rash (it will need time to calm down), wait to get a hair cut until after the wedding as most of the time we will need as much length as possible when styling your hair, feel free to color it though!


Q: Do you only do Bridal Make Up or other make up too?

A: I specialise in Bridal Make up and I focus my career on it however I do accept bookings for Comerical work, Media work, Prom, Shoots and Events. I enjoy what I do and being a self employed freelance artist gives me the freedom to take on any work that I choose. Please do get in touch with me if you need a hair and make up artist for your project or special occasion! I also teach various make up tutorials too that people can purchase as gifts or to treat themselves to some one on one time with me where they will learn how to be their own artist and create desirable looks for themselves.